Retain revenue

Don't refund

make every return an opportunity
Transform your returns portal into a beautiful, high converting store front. Start retaining revenue and generating new sales.
Works with leading ecommerce platforms

make returns your new sales channel

& customer retention tool
Returns & refunds impact profitability and more
Lost revenue
Every return is a money sent back to customers as refunds.
Customer attrition
Returns can equal lost customers and sales that you worked hard to win.
Opportunity cost
This is a missing gap your post-purchase journey to increase sales.
Flex helps you fix that...
Improve cashflow & Profit
Everytime a customer chooses balance, you save the sale — and don't need to send a refund
Keep customers coming back
Retain your customers and promote loyalty with shoppers who can respend across your whole product catalogue.
Increase total sales
Turn your returns portal into a totally new sales channel that can benefit from upselling and cross-selling based on recommendations.
How it works

Start Converting customers at every level

with easy setup & go live
Flex works with major commerce platforms and can be quickly configured to convert your returning customers.
Connect your ecommerce platform
Sync your products with one of our prebuilt integrations including Woocommerce, Shopify Magento, Bigcommerce.
Configure your incentives
Offer incentives to attract your customers to shop with you again and increase conversion.
Orders synced and inventory updated.
As soon as a customer places an order we sent it straight to your commerce system and update your stock levels.
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Stop missing sales, Start using flex

Speak to one of our experts to learn how Flex can help you generate more revenue and keep your customer coming back for more.
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